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contractual teachers panel for 2019-20

Provisionally selceted from waiting List-Class-XI(Comm & Humanities) 10.06.2019

Auction Notice-24.05.2019

Provisionally selected for Admission-Class-XI (Neighboring KV & Non-KV) 22.05.2019

Waiting List candidates for Admission In Class-XI (Non -KV) 22.05.2019

Admission Notice & Reg. Form-Class-XI(Sci & Hum) 18.05.2019

Admission Notice-KV & NON-KV Students-CLASS-XI( 2019-20)13.05.2019

Provisional Admission List-Class-XI(KV BMG Students)-2019-20

Admission Notice-Class-XI-KV Bamangachi Students(2019-20)-07.05.2019

Provisionally Selected Admission List-Class-I (List-5)- 27.04.2019

Provisionally Selected Admission List-Class-I (List-4)- 25.04.2019

DA Quota Vacant Seats Class-I [Session 2019-20]- 24.04.2019

Provisionally Selected For Admission-Class-I [List-3]- 23.04.2019

Notice for Local Transfer- Session 2019-20

Notice to Parents of Newly Admitted Students of Class-I [12.04.2019]

Provisionally selected Class-I [List-2]-09.04.2019

Admission Notice Class-I-[List-2]09.04.2019

NOTICE-Provisionally selected candidate-Class-I(Not reported for Admission)06.04.2019

Admission Notice Class-II to IX 2019-20

Please see Admission Section of Website for Selected & Waiting List of Class-I-2019-20

Firm Enlistment Form-2019-20

Exam Schedule for Session Ending Exam-2018-19 VI to IX & XII

Admission Schedule-2019-20

Contractual Teachers Interview-2019-20


Roopinder Singh
M.Com, B.Ed.
Thought for the Day:
"The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done. ~ Jean Piaget "

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